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PTFE Teflon Gasket


PTFE gaskets and seals. Our seals are designed to deliver excellent purity, low stress to seal, chemical compatibility, as well as reduced creep and cold flow characteristics. Another advantage of our gaskets is their use in a variety of sealing applications, including use with misaligned, damaged, or rough sealing surfaces. Our PTFE gaskets are produced in all of the standard ANSI flange sizes. Special sizes and thickness are also available upon request. We also offer welded one piece construction for those demanding applications where a pieced joint will not be acceptable. Owing to its excellent chemical resistance, our range is widely used in chemical and petrochemical industries. These gaskets are extensively used a cover around the inside edge of a fibre joint, a filler in spiral wound gasket and a covering surface layer for kammprofile gasket. Further, these are also used to produce PTFE envelope gasket to meet diverse industry requirements.

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