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FEP/PFA Lined Elbow


PTFE/FEP Lined elbows are availble in two types, 45º & 90º. These PFA / FEP coated elbows are resistant to most of the chemicals and are available in a wide range to meet the demands of various industries like petrochemical, pharmaceutical and food processing. It is PFA / FEP lined to prevent corrosion and is available in a wide range. Forty five Degree Elbow is available in different sizes ranging in width from 25 mm (1') NB to 300 mm (12') NB and length from 100 mm (4') to 3000 mm (120') Ninety Degree Elbow :. Its width ranges from 25 mm (1') NB to 300 mm (12') NB and length ranging from 100 mm (4') to 3000 mm (120'). These elbows have 3mm thk. Lining . These elbows are highly suitable for chemical industries where they can be used for more time without crack leak or wear out.

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